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Myfreeapps.org was created for both app users and developers. Users can discover new apps and even get paid apps for free.

In exchange for that, the user is requested to leave an unbiased review in the app store the the apps he downloaded. However, should be user be unsatisfied with the app, the first resort is always an e-mail to the developer, asking them to fix it before writing a nasty review in the app store.

App developers can distribute coupons, or promo codes for their paid apps. The developer will upload some (or all) of his promo codes to Myfreeapps.org

By clicking on "Get this app for free" the user who intends to get that app for free will be redirected to the app store and the promo code will automatically be applied.

A promo code is valid only one time. The next user needs another code. But you don't need to worry about that, Myfreeapp.org will take care about that under the hood

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The Android puzzle 'Dots Puzzle' now has over 50'000 downloads!

Necto is a kind of "connect the dots" game, and honestly, its well made.

To successfully reach the next level you have to use your mind, logic

and especially think twice before making a move, as you not only have to just match colors and connect the dots but also connect them
by filling the whole gameboard.
The game has plenty of boards at different difficult levels.

Check out the article below:

Necto - The brainn is an app. Start using it!

The full source code of the popular Fruit Drop is now for sale here:

source code

For a short time, the Eye trainer is offered at a 50% discount.

The Eye Trainer both tests and trains your sight perceptions.Learn to distinguish between tiny shades of different colors
Take an eye test or
Test yourself for color blindness

Try it and see if it makes a difference!

The Eye trainer is available for Windows PC and Windows Mobile.

The Eye trainer passed the 10'000 downloads mark!

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the app!